New Dawn Counseling, LLC

RET (Rapid Eye Technology)

I was first introduced to RET in 2006 by my employer at the time. I had not heard of it before and it seemed weird and different, yet interesting. I was seeing progress in my daughter whom I had try the treatment for anxiety. She was becoming more self-assured and confident after only a few sessions. My employer sent me, as a part of Employee Assistance Program, to have RET conducted on myself for negative patterns which was harming my relationships at work. After 1 session, I knew RET was not weird or false, it was an amazing, life-changing treatment. I wanted to share this new feeling and thoughts with others and help as many people as possible with this technique. I was given an opportunity to go to Utah for 4 or 5 days to be trained in this process that July of 2006 and was transformed personally and professionally. I knew RET was going to make incredible changes in people's lives and I was excited to be a part of that. Among all the diagnosis and problems I treat, I specialize in Grief and Trauma (PTSD). With RET, I was certain that people's grief and trauma, along with their other issues, would be transformed permanently so they could live a happier healthier life. I became a certified Rapid Eye Technician in that July 2006. In 2008, I wanted to improve my skills in RET and was offered to go to Salem, Oregon to gain my Master's Certification in Rapid Eye Technology. I gained more enhanced RET skills and some new scripts to help people overcome past trauma and negative patterns of behavior. I have been using RET for 10 years now and I learn something new about the process and how it works for others every time I use it. I love that.