New Dawn Counseling, LLC

About New Dawn Counseling

When Lisa Calderwood, LCSW, owner of New Dawn Counseling, passed her LCSW licensure in 2006, she realized in her current position, there was a low glass ceiling and other clinicians were doing things that seemed to keep people coming back for more. She didn't agree with that type of treatment, so she chose to branch out on her own. Lisa soon found the support of a woman in the community who was willing to allow her to use space in a building she owned, rent free, to get her company up and running. The woman also helped her attain her LLC. Lisa Calderwood came up with the name New Dawn Counseling, and the woman took a logo design to Landmark Signs. They made up a beautiful logo, which New Dawn Counseling still uses to this day. "The power of the sun in my logo has brought much light to my business and the life of those who find us.", she said. Once Ms. Calderwood received the approval from the state of Idaho that said she was now officially an LLC, she began accepting clients. This was September 7, 2007. A very happy day for her and her family. "I wanted to have a company with a home-like atmosphere," explained Lisa Calderwood, LCSW. "I created this by having my family help me where I started my company with zero-capital and no ability for business loans. My mother and daughter answered phones while I saw clients, cleaned the building, worked on credentialing with insurance companies, conducted my own billing and daily business tasks on my own. I had clients follow me from my former employer and saw them for free until I could credential with Medicaid." This process took a year. Those who had insurance, she saw for their co-pays until she could take their insurance, which at least paid for her business phone. "This was a stressful and exciting time. I was doing what I loved - helping individuals and families heal," she said. Lisa continued "In 2010, I moved my office to a brand new space in Ammon and became very busy. New Dawn Counseling, LLC was providing case management, PSR and counseling services to over 200 clients at this time. I employed several part-time counselors and upward of 10 PSR/Case managers employees.

By 2012, I had serious health complications and stopped providing PSR and case management with other counselors and moved back into town on my own.

In 2014 I moved my office to my new quaint space on John Adams Parkway. Since my first building, I loved having a family feeling atmosphere with having a yard with trees in a close nit neighborhood. I found that again on John Adams and love it here! This is where New Dawn Counseling, LLC feels most at home and happy. I have 2 amazing employees, Dove Calderwood, receptionist and Joy Harris, office manager/billing person extraordinaire. I have the utmost confidence in my staff. We run a happy ship."

September 2016 will mark the 9th year New Dawn Counseling, LLC has been in business and is still going extremely strong with many great years to come!